Wedding photography workshop

I discovered my…teaching talent several years ago, after my friend Robert Trica, now a photographer with Cromatica, shot a few weddings by my side. After each event I saw great progress in his photography and when I saw him get by on his own I had this strange feeling of…pleasing, combined with professional envy and admiration. It was an interesting experience for me, and I know that it was for Robert too. The outcome of this experience…you can see it on Cromatica.
Since 2011 I have been hosting a wedding photography workshop on a real event – for those who want learn how to take the photojournalistic approach of a wedding and how to tell its story through image. Valentin Cartis was one of the first photographers who paid his enrollment on such a workshop. Things went so well that we are currently working together – which is a second achievement for me, following Robert. This is the reason for which I decided to continue using my experience as a photographer and the pleasure to share and teach in organizing new workshops.
Consequently, if you are willing to undertake a photographic experience that can make you a better photographer, I’m looking forward to shooting together and discussing the images.