Prices and packages

Most of our clients go for the €1500 package. This package provides complete coverage for the entire wedding; the photographs are edited and delivered in an 80 pages, 20*30cm album and 4 DVDs. The album will have a handmade leather cover, created by our friends over at FurgaMurga. The album will be accompanied by 4 equally beautiful DVD handcrafted leather covers. This is a- let’s call it-medium option, but costs can be diminished by choosing a less expensive album. Or no album. For those willing to invest more in a wedding album, we have such special albums, with velvet passepartout. The kind of album that one must see as well as feel to fully experience it.
As a team, we also offer packages of two photographers, for wider coverage (more angles, a higher variety of frames). A “second shooter” can definitely add value to a wedding story.
All in all, we are extremely flexible and we want every couple we work for to get the perfect package. We have a lot of options to offer and if you don’t find quite what you wish for…we’ll invent it together! The most important thing is that we get to share a cup of coffee and a few stories. You might like us and… we’ll see…each other…again.
Meeting over a cup of coffee also goes for all other photo projects!