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We are Relu, Vali and Adel and together we are Relu Calotă’s Studio – wedding photography & more. We are not three identical water drops but we do have quite a few things in common, in which we believe and, most importantly, photography is what brings us together – wedding photography in particular. We are based in Bucharest and we have most of our work here, but we will gladly travel across Romania. We, in fact, enjoy travelling and we are eager to photograph weddings anywhere across the globe. We aim towards being among the best…because we can. We keep current trends, with an honest and discrete approach of our weddings. Our great challenge is to tell your story through imagery, from the beginning to the end. We do not give instructions, we do not suggest, we do not interfere, we do not place you in the frame by hand and we do not overly process images to excessively beautify reality. You are beautiful, happy and emotional and we will capture you as you are…and when we surprise you with our photographs, our goal is reached. We want you to be our photography.

Valentin Carțiș

I’m Vali and I discovered wedding photography at my wedding, when I was lucky enough to find Adrian. In the moment Iview full post »

Adel Al-Haddad

I am Adel Al-Haddad, or just Adel, to keep it simple. Photography started to take over me gradually, without asking forview full post »

Relu Calotă

I am Relu Calotă. I like to “see” and storytelling through images is my profession. I’ve been doing this sinceview full post »