Alexandra and Cosmin – an entire wedding documented in a photojournalistic fashion using only mobile phones


A journalistic, documentary, mobile phone approach of a wedding in Romania.

Towards the end of 2011s’ summer, Valentin was trying to convince me that it would be interesting to shoot an entire wedding with an iPhone (the arrival of the iPhone 4s was near). I thought it was a crazy idea and I disagreed. My professional photographer logic found no reason for such an experiment. I told Valentin that it was a foolish idea, that we had no real reason to do it, that we would lack the comfort of using lenses, that we wouldn’t be able to control anything, that there was no point in “competing” with the guests, that we are professionals, etc. Vali tried for a few more days to talk me into the idea, we talked some more, to no avail and he abandoned the topic.

In early 2013 I changed my phone. Once we got used to each other I discovered its’ camera. Unlike those on previous phones, this one seemed extremely interesting and I started using it more and more. Then I inevitably remembered my conversation with Vali. Crazy me, I said to myself that we should have tried it then but that it’s still not too late.

I “sold” our fine idea to Alexandra (the bride), who is a colleague of mine and well aware who she’s dealing with. The chances taken were not extreme as she and Cosmin (the groom, of course) had a contracted photographer and we were able to “play” freely without causing any damage. The only weird thing about it was that…Vali wasn’t there to shoot. I shot along with Adel as Vali was caught in a different project, a family project…his wife’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Oana! There is no point in me testing your patience any longer, so I leave you with something your probably haven’t seen before: an entire wedding shot with mobile phones (no flash!).



The most important thing in this whole entire wedding phone documentary thing is that we managed to convince a couple, Alexandra and Cosmin, to accept such an approach. The second and just as important thing is that once they saw the images they were delighted, which makes us extremely happy. The third thing is that we ourselves were “captured” by the shots we captured at this wedding.

There are a few more important things to mention: for us it was an experiment, we weren’t paid for it (not by the grooms, and not by any phone manufacturer), we used several phones (HTC Desire S, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, Nokia Lumina 920), Alexandra and Cosmin had hired a photographer for their wedding (whom we tried to bother least possible), we were two photographers (me-Relu and Adel), the images had minimal editing for a slightly better result, we’re not the first to try this crazy thing (but we do believe that our crazy thing is a bit different since we “exposed” ourselves during the entire wedding).

P.S. In August we’ll shoot our second “phone wedding”…but the first under a contract…which makes us happy again. You know the fun part of it? This time Vali will also shoot with his…DSLR. He is not under some kind of punishment, as you may think by now. Once again, it wasn’t meant to be. He is the second shooter and will provide backup as per contract. Still, there is a glimpse of hope for Vali: the couple, who contracted us for August, when signing the contract, gave us a hint that they might agree to allow only phone photography for their wedding if we’ll show them another wedding covered in the same way. We’ll see what happens when we show them Alexandra and Cosmin’s wedding… Vali, we won’t stop here! Maybe we’ll create a new package.

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