Adriana & Marian

For me, the weariest wedding related moment is this one, when I have to write about what I have photographed. To put it simply I’m much better at taking photos than writing, but I’ll arouse the ambition to write a few lines… After all these years and all the weddings I’ve photographed, I still find pleasure in searching bold and interesting images.

At Adriana and Marian’s wedding I toyed around with the ceremony’s colorful lights and a few windows that reflected a beautiful sunset. Adriana and Marian are part of the largest group of friends that I photographed among, starting in 2006. I’m fond of this group because I grew professionally around them and every time we find that we have friends in common.

I’d love to practice my writing talent, but I do not wish to torment you…I’d rather let the images tell the story. They always do tell more than words…I hope… I photographed this wedding along with Andreea, new member of the Relu Calota’s STUDIO team.

With the next post we’ll be also introducing the fifth member of our team.


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