Wedding photography WITH A MOBILE PHONE

We gave some thought to a new and controversial idea: mobile phone wedding photography. Yes, you read it correctly: we want to take wedding photos with a smartphone.
Why take wedding pictures with a mobile phone? Because we never get bored and because we can. To put joking and modesty aside, we are doing this because we’re different and we want to bring something new to the table, something to stimulate our creativity even more and help you understand that it is simply not enough to own a big bad professional camera with a flash to be a professional wedding photographer.To our greatest joy, this year we convinced two couples to let us photograph their weddings with mobile phones. We know the first couple and we’re going to their wedding as friends. The second couple hired us to shoot at their wedding and become friends.
We’re curious what you think: which of the two photos above is taken with a smartphone and which one with the big bad heavy professional camera?
P.S.: Watch us to see if we’re going to make fools of ourselves or not.
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