Other sweet moments

Without intending and without realizing, our mind keeps images that we only remember when we find ourselves in situations that follow other events that we attended at some point. We want “Other sweet moments” to be an image category that tells beautiful life stories. To be a continuation of the moments we photograph. Let’s be more specific… It all began with one of the photographs in this series, taken in 2009, at Alex’s and Monica’s wedding. It’s a photograph that for me, Relu Calota, got fixed in my mind, without trying for it, like surely happens with moments from each and every wedding I photograph. At their twins christening, the moment I saw a window I remembered their wedding and the photograph I took then and I put together the next series, as a natural sequel of their family story. A already have the next frame in mind, which I will shortly share with you and I hope that we’ll all be in good shape to continue this family photo project.


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