For my first text on this website I confess I am nervous. They say an image is worth a thousand words, and these guys have much more images; so how many words am I supposed to write??? Let’s get a few things clear: on this website two things will happen: the thousand word images will be provided by the guys. I will write about them, sometimes the god stuff and sometimes I’ll argue with what they do. I will say what I think about this business, which are its challenges, which are the dangers we should avoid. And you know why I’m doing it? Because I’m the potential client. I figure that people like me will require their services, for no other reason than resorting to their services myself – and that was a good call.
Allow me to briefly share my view on this studio’s activity and what were the reasons for which, years ago, I reached to Relu: I believe that the most beautiful moments, the ones truly worth immortalized and cherished, are the “alive” ones, those when the heart was dancing, loving, crying or simply resting. I was never narcissistic enough to have my face evaluated by a professional of proportional and measurable beauty. I like myself when I make faces, when I honestly sigh or when I smile towards someone. I don’t know how to smile to a camera. Relu saw this. This is what I wanted, to enjoy my wedding, to be happy on that day without thinking about anything else, like whether my tie is straight or not (it wasn’t, from one point on it was attached to my head). Those images are still valid and they represent a dear and relevant chronicle. The “group shots”, because yes, we had to have those as well…we all have moms, uncles, etc…, are now dry testimonies of a social event. The others are bits of that day, encapsulated for all eternity in a rectangle, bits that my kids see and laugh, because we were laughing then.
This is why I trust Relu and his shots, the people he chose as his partners, the promises that he makes and the honesty of those he doesn’t make.

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