Valentin Carțiș


I’m Vali and I discovered wedding photography at my wedding, when I was lucky enough to find Adrian. In the moment I saw the wedding photos done by him I wished that I could offer someday, at least to my close friends, this kind of memories and feelings. So, I bought an DSLR and went to take pictures at my friends weddings as a guest. From the beginning I wanted to shoot family events, to be a quiet and unseen witness, to tell the events story thru pictures, without to intervene in any way.
In the past years I’ve invested a lot in learning about wedding photography and in the equipment that will allow me to use as much as possible the available light offered by the venue.
After two less fortunate workshops I’ve attended, and not learned much, I’ve discovered Relu’s one to one workshop on a real event. With the unfortunate experience in the past I’ve asked a LOT of questions about the workshop before I said yes. After the I DO said to my beautiful wife this I DO and starting the workshop with Relu was the best I DO ever said
After finishing the workshop and giving me the hard task of shooting at his own baby christening (what courage!), Relu invited me to be part of Relu Calota Studio project and I said, again, I DO
One of the first wins of this collaboration was that I was accepted in WPJA, along Adel, Relu and most of the best and most talented wedding photojournalists in the world.
In the future I will try to prove that I’m fearless and worthy to enter the high society of wedding photographers.
At your wedding I’ll try to be unseen, to seek for the best angles and light that will tell the story of that special day, as it was, special!

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