Relu Calotă


I am Relu Calotă. I like to “see” and storytelling through images is my profession. I’ve been doing this since 1998 asa a cameraman for the national television. Weddings..I’ve been “telling” since around 2005. At first I was experimenting and playing on wedding of those close to me. A year later I started taking wedding photography seriously. During that time, in Romania, wedding photography was looked down on. This happened all around me and I wanted to show myself and others the opposite. I began using my experience as a news cameraman. Any event places me exactly where I need to be. Important moments are not allowed passed me because I rely on vigilant involvement in my approach. I am a “frame seeker”. I don’t want to lose sight of the reality, I like natural light and I use it constantly. The flash is not a friend of mine and I don’t like using it. Photoshop is my companion only up to a point. Once it influences the environment or moves away from reality and deforms it in any way…we break up. As stubborn as I may seem by now, my photographs won a few awards in WPJA contests. And I am also a member on ISPWP, where my work is mentioned in an article about a wedding for which I shot for 24 hours straight. There is no award here… yet. Recently I became a member on Fearless. I like entering international contests because they keep my creativity wide awake. I keep myself informed on internal and especially international trends even if I don’t always appreciate what goes on in the field. For quite some time I only showcased images exclusively from the wedding itself – ceremony, reception, getting ready. Only recently have I leaned towards photo sessions. But this is as far as I’ll go, since I’m still not sure what brought the TTD concept in wedding photography…but that’s just me…
Since I’m into new things with potential I think it’s time that wedding photography as a business to move to a new and very important stage: team and teamwork. This is the reason behind Relu Calota’s STUDIO.
As a photographer, I want to experiment more, to carry out some family photo projects I am involved in, and I am also taking up studio work.

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