Adel Al-Haddad


I am Adel Al-Haddad, or just Adel, to keep it simple. Photography started to take over me gradually, without asking for any kind of permission. It fascinated me at first and eventually seized me completely.
It happened in Belgrade…to lose my compact camera and to later replace it with a DSLR. This was the beginning; this is how I fell in love with photography. About a year later I took an exam and received my photography diploma. After another year I came across another, much more important exam: collaborating with Mediafax Foto. I had to do my job well so my images deserved publication. It was a provocative exercise of adaptation, attention, quick reaction as everything went on in real time. No time for fumbling. I had to grab the subject (the news) as it was and to self adjust on the fly. I couldn’t intervene in any way in its development. There was no time to change my mind when the news was near as I was part of it. I had to tell the story with my images, quickly and truthfully. This is how I grasped the idea of honest imagery and, in time, I almost completely gave up my flash and got to only editing the strictly required elements, without altering the authentic environment, without “directing” moments or scenes. I love this job and I’m still on it.
And another year passed and…as a guest at a good friend’s wedding, skilled and exigent when it comes to seeing and “digesting” photography, I observed the photographer who was trusted with such an important mission, to tell the wedding story of not quite an indulgent couple. Do you suspect who that photographer might be? I noticed in him the approach that matched my own, the kind of approach that I want for my wedding…when it will happen. That’s what I want to offer my clients, exactly what I want for myself. A discrete, careful and involved approach. And…not another year went by and we met, discussed, advised and created a team – Relu Calota’s STUDIO – to offer you the kind of quality that I like to think you expect…and more.
Now I am a WPJA member, aiming for ISPWP and Fearless as well.
I want to surprise you!

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