Tatu Vladimir

When he called, I didn’t know what to expect. To me, bodybuilding is as familiar as… Schwarzenegger, Stallone or Vanview full post »

Alexandra and Cosmin – an entire wedding documented in a photojournalistic fashion using only mobile phones

A journalistic, documentary, mobile phone approach of a wedding in Romania. Towards the end of 2011s’ summer,view full post »

Adriana & Marian

For me, the weariest wedding related moment is this one, when I have to write about what I have photographed. To put itview full post »

Wedding photography WITH A MOBILE PHONE

We gave some thought to a new and controversial idea: mobile phone wedding photography. Yes, you read it correctly: weview full post »

Mihaela and Marius on ISPWP | Real Wedding

  Last week ISPWP featured another one of my weddings, in the Real Wedding section, following the oneview full post »

Other sweet moments

Without intending and without realizing, our mind keeps images that we only remember when we find ourselves inview full post »


For my first text on this website I confess I am nervous. They say an image is worth a thousand words, and these guysview full post »

Valentin Carțiș

I’m Vali and I discovered wedding photography at my wedding, when I was lucky enough to find Adrian. In the moment Iview full post »